Parents Outraged After Honors Students Are Given An Assignment To Go On A '$5 Date'


AP classes utilize the most advanced and challenging materials available for high schoolers.

Only those in the top of their class can participate and these classes are intended to prepare them for the rigors of a college education. At Highland High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, parents are speaking out about an assignment given to 11th grade AP honors students that seems misguided to some and downright offensive to others.

The assignment asks students to go on a “$5.00 Date” with a classmate, and boys and girls were given completely different instructions.

The “Girls Paper,” posted to Facebook by parent Jenn Oxborrow, includes suggestions like, “don’t waste his money,” “don’t worry about your appearance the whole date,” and “don’t correct or comment on his personal habits.”

Parents like Oxborrow note that these suggestions make assumptions about gender norms, encourage young women to be submissive, and that the opposite sex requirement marginalizes LGBT students.

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Parents also posted the “Boys Paper,” which makes suggestions like, “say what you’re going to order so she has a guide for ordering,” “no gross noises,” and “girls like flowers and little gifts,” also didn’t sit well.

Parents say the sheet intended for boys is equally biased based on gender.

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