Bride Walking Down The Aisle Shown Up By The Ring Bearer — He Made Everyone Gasp!


Wedding days are counted among the most important days in someone’s life.

Celebrating someone’s commitment to another person is a beautiful thing, but there are often many pressures placed on brides in particular. Even though the expectation is that everything will be perfect on the wedding day, the truth is that things do go wrong.

For one bride in Ireland, that meant a hilarious interruption by a precocious child who couldn’t resist the allure of her poofy white wedding dress.

As she walks down the aisle, watch her four-year-old ring bearer jump straight onto the train of her dress. I hope his shoes were clean!

The leap made the audience gasp, but fortunately, a friend was there to grab the kiddo so the show could go on.

The bride’s sister said, “Tanya’s friend picked him up and she continued on to marry the love of her life. We had the most fantastic day ever.” Of course, something so hilarious and adorable could never ruin her big day.

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If this is the worst thing that went wrong all day, it seems like a totally delightful wedding. This kid is going places. SHARE his antics with the people you know who have stories about weddings gone wrong!

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