Woman Fat-shamed by Her Cheating Husband Takes Revenge by Dropping More than 100 Pounds!


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She dropped her cheating husband—and 100 pounds altogether!

If not all, many of us have already gone through a painful heartbreak. When our loved ones leave us for another, we sometimes do unthinkable things. But there are so many ways to move on and think things through. It is a fact that there are many fish in the sea, aren’t there?

While most people would take revenge in a cruder manner, this woman decided to take revenge on her cheating husband by improving herself.

Betsy Ayala weighed 262 pounds when she found out about her husband’s affair. It broke her heart. But what made it worse was how her husband and his mistress talked about her weight. They exchanged nasty remarks about her weight—and it made her realize what she had to do.

She ended her marriage, and decided to lose pounds as well. She and her sister, Lory, made a simple plan: “I cut out all junk food — no sodas, no sweets — and then I decided to get active.”

She later found herself working out six times a week! Take a look at her now:

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