Heartbreaking Video Shows Great-Grandma Locked In A Cage By Her Own Family


Caring for your aging loved ones in the comfort of your own home can be a daunting task.

While most sons or daughters would try to give their parents the best possible life given their new living arrangements, a man and his wife in Guangxi Province, China, forced the man’s 92-year-old mother to live in a cage.

The great-grandmother was kept caged up in a tiny pen for the past few years without a bed, forcing her to sleep on a plank of wood with a single quilt to keep her warm. She was malnourished and later revealed that she was given little food or clothing during her forced stay in the caged pen.

Local officials were forced to intervene after a video of the woman circulated online, and while she’s is being treated in a local hospital, no charges have been brought against the son or daughter-in-law.

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(via Daily Mail)

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