10-year-old Girl Raped, Dismembered, and Burned While Her Mother Enjoyed Watching—Shocking!


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Some people shouldn’t be parents.

A child in Mexico was raped, dismembered, and burned, while her mother simply watched on. The horrifying incident happened in New Mexico, to a 10-year-old girl Victoria Martens on her tenth birthday. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time that the little girl was sexually assaulted.

According to reports, her mother would meet up with men online, and would allow her daughter to get assaulted by these men. Autopsy reports show that the young girl died with alcohol in her system, as well as HPV, the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease.

Her mother, Michelle Martens, admitted to have watched her child get raped on several occasions—and had enjoyed it! Get to know the entire story below:

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