They Took Photos Of A Full Moon. When They Looked At Them, They Saw Something Odd


Have you ever taken a picture, looked at it later, and found something weird in it that shouldn’t be there?

I can’t say that this has ever happened to me, but this guy’s relatives sure can. According to Redditor MeTarzanYouJane, a few of his family members went to their front yard to take some pictures of the full moon while it appeared larger than normal. They captured two photos within a couple of seconds, and when they reviewed them later, they saw something that they definitely hadn’t seen with their own eyes.

Here is their first photo. It looks pretty normal with nothing out of the ordinary.

In the second photo, a blurry, humanoid figure can clearly be seen. They have no idea what it could be, as they don’t have a dog that could’ve run through the shot.

Of course, this could be the product of Photoshop, but MeTarzanYouJane says that these people have never even heard of the program.

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