Her Foot Was Amputated Due To Cancer, But What She Does With It Will Make You Smile


People battling cancer have to go through much hardship and pain over the course of their treatment.

For Kristi Loyall, that journey was a long one. After many years of issues involving her right foot, doctors finally determined she had cancer. The cancer was localized to her right foot, so they made the decision to amputate in April of 2016.

Loyall asked if she could keep her foot, and now she’s sharing her journey on Instagram with hilarious photos of her hanging out with her foot every day.

The travel-themed Instagram account features the actual bones from her now-detached limb.

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She sent them off to a company that sterilized them and made them into a memento she could carry around.

Many of her posts include the tag #funnybone, showing her incredible sense of humor through this difficult situation.

In addition to the funny pictures, she also shows what it’s like to transition to life as an amputee.

Her GoFundMe aims to raise money still needed for some of her treatments. If her positive attitude made you smile, consider donating!

Be sure to follow Loyall’s antics with her old friend on @onefootwander.

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