Bride breaks Down into Tears While Bidding Her Pet Dog Farewell as She Drives Away—Heart-breaking!


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It is heart-breaking to see friends separate for the first time in their lives.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. This has been proven through centuries of friendship between canines and humans, where most people consider these pets as part of the family. Some of us even grew with pets who live and eat with us, making them as precious as any member of the family. The most heart-breaking part would be when a pet passes away, or when an owner and his/her pet is torn apart.

A photo showing how a bride breaks down into tears as she bids farewell to her pet and best friend touched the hearts of many. As she drives away in the wedding car, the dog leans against the car door’s window trying to reach the bride. In response, the bride gives the dog a quick pat on the head and a warm hug.

Since newlyweds usually move in with each other, the bride had no choice but to leave the dog behind. She has to visit sometime soon, though!

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