Gaming Heroes Just Frankensteined a Famicom Mini Into a Game Boy Case


Dedicated fans and hackers can’t get enough of the NES Classic mini. After one group figured out how to add more games to the system, Kei Studio figured out how to move the guts of the console into a classic Game Boy case. 

The group has previously worked on a portable PlayStation 2, but the turn-around time on Nintendo’s latest machine was certainly shorter. You can get a look at the system in action in the video below, and see the transformation process detailed on their website. They’ve dubbed their mod the Famicom Pocket. 

The Famicom Mini—Japan’s version of the NES Classic—includes a slightly different lineup of 30 games than the North American release. Kei Studio isn’t selling the hardware, but the work it took to make the Franken-handheld is impressive. 

H/T Forbes

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