Drone Video of Road Being Surfaced Goes Viral on Facebook


No one wants to watch paint dry, but apparently millions have been longing to see how a road is bituminized. 

Nearly 15 million people and counting have watched a three-minute drone video that shows a stretch of road in a remote area of Western Australia being paved. The construction was part of a $443,000 upgrade to a 4.9-kilometer stretch of property, overseen by the Roads to Recovery Funding Program. 

What’s truly incredible about the footage is that its popularity doesn’t appear to be driven some weird, fleeting internet obsession, like when thousands of people watched a livestream of a sleepy mountain town. People just seem genuinely impressed with the efficiency of the operation. If you’ve ever waited multiple years for a small stretch of highway to be completed in your hometown, with lanes reduced and daily traffic jams, you can surely appreciate just how swiftly this crew takes care of business. 

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The crew is installing what’s known as a chipseal, a pavement surface treatment that combines layers of fine aggregate and asphalt. It’s typically reserved for more low-traffic areas in the U.S., and it’s standard across most of rural Australia.  

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