Her Son Was Playing Like Any Other Kid, But Now She's Being Threatened With Charges


Like any other two-year-old, Callum Fisher loves to play. Some of his favorite toys are trains, cars, and blocks, but there’s one problem — due to the “excess noise” he makes, his Mom is facing charges.

Callum’s mom, Sapphire Curzon, lives with her son in a one-bedroom apartment in the U.K. While she does her best to keep the little boy’s noise to a minimum, anyone who’s ever parented a toddler knows that total silence is impossible. Now, her landlord is threatening her with an ASBO, otherwise known as an “Anti-Social Behavior Order.” If Curzon is served, she’ll face criminal charges in front of a judge.

Curzon admits that she knew her neighbors were annoyed by noise coming from her apartment. That said, she can hear them, too! With thin walls and floors, the building is far from noise-proof.

Then, on December 20th, a property manager handed her a letter. It warned that unless something was done about the noise, an ASBO would be issued.

For those living outside the U.K., an ASBO, otherwise known as an Anti-Social Behavior Order, exists to charge individuals with offenses like hate crimes, drunk driving, rioting, and drug dealing — not to keep a toddler from playing with toys.

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