24 Pets That Cannot Be Trusted With Toilet Paper


As much as we may try to hide it, going to the bathroom is a perfectly normal part of our daily routine.

Our bodies have to get rid of the waste in our systems somehow, so we might as well accept the fact that everyone poops. Thankfully, the general public has had access to toilet paper since the 19th century.

The aforementioned “general public” does not include our animal friends, however, so they can end up feeling pretty left out. And when they’ve totally had it with their litter box or the backyard, they sometimes take out their aggression by wreaking havoc on good ol’ TP. The 24 pets below know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. “Wait until you see where I’ve hidden the rest of it.”

2. We call this the living toilet paper dispenser.

3. She ran out of toilet paper in her cat house, so she borrowed some from her neighbors.

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