Police Were Called About A Dog Attack But They Found Horrifying Sexual Abuse Instead


While most families rang in the new year by attending lavish parties with family and friends or by receiving the perfect midnight kiss, one Bexar County family entered 2017 by making a phone call to police.

In the phone calls Isaac Cardenas reported that his little girl had been brutally attacked by an animal in the night. Allegedly, the girl had wandered outside during their New Year’s Eve festivities and was bitten by a dog. However, once emergency responders arrived on the scene, the man’s original story didn’t quite make sense.

The EMTs that arrived on the scene performed a routine examination of the child and were quick to discover that the girl’s injuries didn’t match up with the man’s story of an animal attack.

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With this new information, police continued to interview relatives of the victim. During an interview with a woman who was later identified as Krystal Herrera, the story painted a much different picture than the one Cardenas shared with police.

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