Podcast: 'This Week Had Me Like' Is Hilarious, Biting Celeb Gossip


In a world of bitter daily news, This Week Had Me Like tastes like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. The pop culture and celebrity gossip podcast is the cure to your over-saturated feed of jaw-dropping national bummers.

The brainchild of comedian and TV writer Caroline Goldfarb, and actress and producer Sarah Ramos, TWHML bills itself as “all the bizarre pop-culture news you didn’t know you needed to know.” It’s a beautiful rainbow of absurd celebrity brand endorsements, lovable D-listers grasping for the limelight, and juicy Twitter feuds. 

Like many in the world of entertainment and comedy, Goldfarb, who is also the creator of the viral OfficialSeanPenn Instagram, was saddened by the results of the 2016 election. The political climate may carry a somber mood, but that isn’t stopping Goldfarb from finding joy in the ever-present world of celebrity gossip. On OfficialSeanPenn she posted uplifting images, like Hilary Duff taking a selfie with a fish.

Or that one dreamy shot of a young Joe Biden.And on her podcast she’s digging deep into the world of tasty celebrity gossip.

“It’s almost a little dark. It feels, like, not right to want to talk about anything but DAPL or getting involved in Planned Parenthood,” she tells the Daily Dot. “But for me, I find that it is somewhat healing to spend a small amount of time just losing myself in the world of celebrity gossip… You can take some solace in Kristin Cavallari’s deal with Bounty paper towels.”

The first full, post-election episode of the podcast, “Stand With Maggiano’s,” is a hilarious return to Goldfarb’s trademark world of fringe celebrity gossip and a sprinkling of absurd political moments: Ivanka Trump’s attempt at the Mannequin Challenge, what a family-style Italian restaurant does when Tila Tequila and the alt-right laud its establishment. (Spoiler alert: Maggiano’s is on the right side of history.)

TWHML also offers moments of investigative discovery. In segments like “Spotlight, but for this,” Goldfarb and her guests probe hilarious celebrity mysteries, like why were so many A-listers photographed with Breyers Gelato Indulgences?

The conversation is always enthused and rarely unkind. Goldfarb and her guests never hesitate to point out the absurd, but they aren’t ripping anyone to shreds. Instead there’s a focus on stories of genuine interest, many of which Goldfarb says have been sent in by fans who share her penchant for bogus celebrity news.

“Most celebrity gossip feels really shiny, [like] it’s been perfectly placed by publicists and most of it isn’t riveting or isn’t real. It’s hard to be compelled by Jennifer Aniston or Brangelina stories—it just feels not real at all, like it’s been through a million publicists and is part of this big Hollywood machine. But there’s something fascinating about lesser celebrities trying to get up there, shilling products or aligning themselves with a weird disease.”

Goldfarb also curates the items discussed on the podcast so listeners can follow along via Instagram.

Where else can you find the paintings of award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, or the awkward vocal stylings of the Victoria’s Secret angels?The podcast is a wonderful reminder that there is so much beauty left in the world. You just have to know where to find it.

This Week Had Me Like is available on iTunes and SoundCloud. New episodes are released every other week.

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