If You Think Cricket Is Weird, Just Wait Until You See This Ridiculous Game In Japan


There’s an entire wacky world of sports out there just waiting to be explored.

While mainstream sports like football and basketball take up a majority of the media’s attention, a slew of unique sports are managing to slowly make a name for themselves. By the time I graduated college, for example, my university had competitive ultimate Frisbee, which was unheard of just a few years ago. But out of all of the weird sports I’ve seen, I’ve never come across one quite like this.

Bo-taoshi is a game played by children and adults alike in Japan. It’s a mix of capture the flag and rugby, with just a bit of gymnastics thrown in for good measure. It consists of two 75-player teams, and the goal is to protect your team’s “ninja,” who must stay atop a pole while members of the opposing team try to knock your pole down to a 30-degree angle.

Words can’t really do this bizarre sport justice. Watch for yourself:

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