First, No One Believed She Was Kidnapped. Now She's Being Bullied Online.


Kidnap and ransom plots are intriguing in movie thrillers but totally terrifying in real life.

A woman named Denise Huskins not only had to suffer at the hands of her kidnapper, but she was victimized again when police didn’t believe her story. Her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, was drugged and blindfolded as Huskins was taken, sexually assaulted, and held for $17,000 ransom by a man named Matthew Muller.

Why didn’t the police believe Huskins? The Vallejo, California, police department said she didn’t “act like a kidnapping victim” and that she sent them on a “wild goose chase.” They went so far as to compare her to the woman who orchestrates a kidnapping hoax in the movie “Gone Girl.”

Fortunately, FBI agents were on the case and Muller was eventually charged and convicted for his crimes. Huskins was vindicated.

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Unfortunately, the damage to her reputation was already done. Huskins has suffered cyberbullying and abuse online, and she took to Facebook to post one of these messages from a stranger.

The man insists she faked her own kidnapping, says she’s going to hell, and calls her a slut, a liar, and a whore.

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