Bitcoin's Value At Its Lowest in 2 Years



Bitcoin is falling, and thanks to international economic policy, no one is sure what comes next.

Thursday morning the cryptocurrency reached its lowest valuation in two years, plunging 13 percent to $985.68 per coin. The drop comes on the heels of what many saw as a rebound for bitcoin when each coin’s value reached over $1,000 on the first day of trading in the new year. Previously bitcoin had not reached the $1,000 mark since 2013.

So what caused Thursday’s crash? The short answer is China. Bitcoin’s had been on the rise since September, gaining almost 100 percent in value between then and Jan. 4, due to the weakening of the yuan. Investors and buyers saw bitcoin as an alternative to the weakening currency.

However efforts by the Chinese government to slow the outflow of capital from the country have proven effective. By controlling offshore exchange rates and borrowing costs, the Chinese government discourages short-selling investors from betting on the decline of their currency. In the last two days, the yuan has experienced the biggest rise in its value since 2010.

Of course, this doesn’t spell doom for bitcoin. The cryptocurrency still has a staggering value, and with economic uncertainty hiding around the corner in many of the world’s major economies, the prospect of the cost of bitcoin rebounding isn’t an unreasonable one. Just remember to keep some extra money around in a safe place should bitcoin fall further, like inside your mattress.

H/T Business Insider

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