They Cut One Thing Out Of Their Lives And They Look Completely Different — Wow!


In the U.S. alone, there are over 100 deaths per day as a result of illicit drug use and drug overdose.

Hard drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens can be incredibly addictive, and once you get hooked, the thought of quitting becomes more and more distant. In 2011, more than 20 million people in America over the age of 12 suffered from some form of addiction. Of those 20 million, only about 3 million sought medical help.

The addicts that do actively seek treatment are often able to completely turn things around and add years onto their lives. Below, check out some amazing before-and-after pictures that show the incredible transformations that users underwent after they put down drugs for good.

As part of their Change Is Good campaign, The Watershed recovery center encouraged people to share photos of their dramatic transformations.

The response they received was more than they could have ever imagined.

So many recovering addicts wanted to share their transformations as a way to show those who are struggling with addiction that clean living is possible.

This woman not only feels healthier, but she looks happier, too!

Jarrett kicked his drug habit and started eating healthier. He is now the man he always knew he could be.

This woman is nearly unrecognizable now.

After saying goodbye to her addictions, this woman is living her best life.

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Many former addicts find that without drugs standing in their way, they are much more alert and aware of their surroundings.

From bedridden and strung out to smiling for the camera — what a transformation!

After many difficult years, Melissa is now the best version of herself possible.

This man’s sobriety is giving him something to grin about.

With a new outlook on life, this woman was able to learn to love herself.

Former addict Kiley reached her breaking point when she realized her body was shutting down and that she was dying. But look at her now!

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After more than three years of sobriety, Austin is enjoying a healthy, addiction-free life.

To see more amazing transformations, head over to The Watershed’s Facebook page. And be sure to share these incredible photos with your loved ones to show them that anyone can turn their life around.

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