These Tourists Just Want To Get The Best Photo, But It Could End Up Being Deadly


Towering more than 500 feet above the English Channel, the chalk-white cliffs of Seven Sisters Country Park might just be the world’s most beautiful (and dangerous) tourist attraction.

And despite the perilous dangers involved, tourists from near and far have taken to the oceanside cliffs for a walk on the wild side. The Seven Sisters cliffs are the chalky remnants of dry valleys which are slowly eroding. There have been multiple cliff collapses over the course of the last year, and most notably, a large chunk of cliff measuring in at over 250 feet feel straight into the sea back in May.

Despite the danger of cliff collapses, the Seven Sisters are not fenced off, thus attracting daredevil tourists to push their limits all for the sake of a one-of-a-kind photo.

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Don’t look down, otherwise this adventure might be your last.

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