Mother Beats and Bites Her Own Children for Opening Their Christmas Gifts too early—Shocking!


One of her sons even has a mental disability.

Christmas is supposed to be a jolly time, especially for children. Each child becomes excited when the holiday season starts—knowing that they will be receiving gifts from their parents and family. But for this woman’s two sons, Christmas became a sad and frightening experience.

36-year-old Sascha Collins was arrested for allegedly beating her two sons for opening their gifts ‘too early’.

Apparently, her sons discovered their hidden presents and decided to open them right away. When Sascha caught them red-handed, she became furious and started beating them. She also bit them and threw them against the wall. The two boys, including one with a mental disability, were severely injured. Sascha’s own teenage daughter couldn’t take what she was seeing and decided to call the authorities on her own mom.

Collins, who is reportedly an alcoholic, was “charged with felony battery and battery to a disabled person with bodily injury.”

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