You'll Want To Forget These 13 Horrifying Parenting Stories From 2016


2016 saw its fair share of some pretty awesome parents, but for every mom and dad out their slaying the parenting game, there’s a heartbreaking story of parenting gone wrong.

The internet was full of stories involving parents who have subjected their children to some pretty heinous things. Whether it was moms force feeding their children drugs or parents putting themselves before their children, we’ve covered the good, the bad, and the ugly.

These gut-wrenching stories from 2016 will put the wonderful lives you give your children, through good times and bad, in perspective. Click on the blue links in the headings below for more details on each story.

1. This mother killed her son and sent video evidence to her ex-boyfriend after she suspected he was cheating.

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2. This unfit mother not only kept a bong within reach of a baby, but also helped her child smoke from it.

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