15 New Year's Eve Traditions From Around The World


Does your family observe any New Year’s Eve traditions? After seeing how these 15 cultures around the world ring in the New Year, I definitely need to step my game up!

Aside from drinking champagne and watching the ball drop, my family’s never really observed any special New Year’s Eve rituals. Sure, my uncle always gets drunk and someone almost always cries, but I wouldn’t really call those traditions, would you?

Maybe if we’d all taken these superstitions into account last year, 2016 wouldn’t have been so bad. This coming year is still a blank slate, so get ready to gather up some broken dishes, black-eyed peas, and ceremonial bear costumes. Things are about to get weird, but at this point, we’ll do anything to guarantee an awesome 2017.

1. Ecuador – Burn A Scarecrow

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In Ecuador, burning a scarecrow symbolizes a cleansing of last year’s bad energy. After the year we all had, we might need a small straw army.

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