You'll Be Amazed By This Guy's Incredible Bull Riding Skills


For someone that considers lack of coordination a defining trait, simple balancing acts aren’t my strong suit.

For years now, riding a mechanical bull has been on my bucket list, however knowing my lack of grace, one of us wouldn’t make it out of the experience without a few broken bones (and it wouldn’t be the bull). That being said, I could always try my hand at riding a mechanical bull to ensure that no animal is harmed in the making of my crippling shame.

Being able to stay on a mechanical bull is hard work, but avid bull rider Anthony Smith takes the entire experience to a whole new level. His ride is more of a performance, and you have to see it to believe it.


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While I wouldn’t recommend trying this at your local bar, share this video with friends to see if any of them are stupid enough to do it for your amusement. You’re welcome.

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