Rapper MoSho Wants To Tell You How To Properly Bathe Your Cat


You might not have heard about this, but it turns out that cats aren’t huge fans of taking a bath. The good news is that they do a fairly good job of keeping themselves clean; but if they’re a particular breed, or particularly messy, you’re going to have to suck it up and wash that cat.

Ravioli, it turns out, is one of the breeds that needs a bath every now and again. But no worries, his owner is not only a responsible pet parent, but also pretty good at spitting soothing freestyle raps.

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Well OK, Ravioli doesn’t seem totally soothed, but rapper MoShow manages to do a pretty good job of staying calm, even when his frisky companion tries climbing out of the situation.The video, which already has over 1 million views, is part of MoShow’s campaign to get people to adopt homeless felines. Only a couple of weeks ago, he released a video for the Oregon Humane Society entitled “Adopt a Cat.”It’s always nice when someone with talent also turns out to have a big heart. That dude is one cool cat.H/T Uproxx

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