This Video shows a Close-up View of Objects Cut in Half—it is Oddly Satisfying and Soothing!


I never knew objects cut in half were this mesmerizing.

Soothing, satisfying videos showing a process—objects being crafted, art being created, a job being done with mesmerizing precision—these videos have become widely popular among YouTube users nowadays. And when you start watching one, you’ll never notice how time passes.

YouTube channel Macro Room has released another video that is oddly satisfying—close-up views of objects cut in half. The two-minute video showed what everyday objects—a camera, toothpaste, or a sea shell—look like when they are cut in half and captures from an extremely close distance.

Their video description read: “This time we’ve decided to cut in half and observe the inside of different objects, from fruits and vegetables, a shoe and even an old digital camera!”

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