Artist Takes Old Black And White Photographs And Beautifully Brings Them To Life


Every time I check out black and white photos, I can’t help but wonder what they’d look like with color.

Thinking about this not only makes the past more real to me, but it also helps me imagine the time periods these people lived in more accurately — because let’s face it, many of us picture the past in shades of black and white. That’s why what this artist does is so great.

Matt Loughrey is a photographer from Westport, Ireland, who is very passionate about bringing history to life. He’s spent countless hours transforming old photos into beautiful restorations that both embody the past and shed new light on famous historical figures in a project called My Colorful Past.

Loughrey says his inspiration comes from wanting “to bridge a gap between history and art that is essentially unexplored.”

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He certainly accomplishes this by brightening these photos up and making them visually stunning while keeping their historical value intact.

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