When A Mailman Comes To These Pets' Houses, You Never Know What You're Going To Get


Being a mail carrier is not an easy job. Whether it’s swelteringly hot or freezing cold outside, their work continues. And don’t forget about all the critters that they encounter on their routes!

When delivering the mail to these pets’ houses, postal workers never know what they’re going to get. Will a pup greet them with slobbery kisses, or will they be met with big mouths full of sharp teeth? As you’ll see, every home with a four-legged resident brings a new surprise!

Some pups are excited to see the mailman. This little corgi was eager to say hello!

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Other dogs have a very different reaction.

Cats can be jerks to mail carriers, too. This kitty swatted away the bills, but was more than happy to steal a glove, much like most humans would prefer to do.


This family couldn’t figure out why their mail was always shredded. We see you, Fido!


“If you think this is bad, you should have seen the mailman.”

Poor dog. I wonder what happened to make him hold such a grudge.


This dog has recruited his toddler sibling to help bark at the mailman!


I’d love to see a picture of the other side of this door.

“When I see him, I’ll spring from the bushes and attack!”

They act mad, but it’s really the highlight of their day.

A mailman in Colorado was so tired of dog attacks that he decided to bring his own pooch to work. That’ll show them!

However, not all pets hate postal workers. Some are just really curious about the industry.

“Can I go to work with you today? Pretty please?”


The best ones always make time for pets.

Cat demands payment from mailman

Even with the busiest of schedules, there’s always time for a little love.

And when all else fails, they can grab a dog to help with deliveries!

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Does your pet love or hate the mailman? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share these hilarious animals with your friends and family!

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