This Woman Covered Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Car with Sanitary Napkins—a Big Mistake!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Cheating in relationships is so prevalent nowadays that many women (and men) feel paranoid whenever their partners’ behavior changes—even at the slightest!

23-year-old Li Tan was long suspicious of her boyfriend. She believes he has been cheating on her, and one move from her boyfriend De Wu confirmed her doubts. De Wu came home late one night, after telling her that he would be home early. Li was extremely frustrated and angry that she decided to do something as ‘revenge’ on her supposed cheating boyfriend.

She bought 30 large sanitary napkins from a nearby convenience store—and yes—she covered her boyfriend’s rental car with them!

She even took things one step further by posting the said pictures on social media. She was so proud of what she did, especially when netizens ‘praised’ and encouraged her, saying that her boyfriend deserved it all.


The post went viral almost immediately. When De came home, he was shocked to see the car and knew something was off. He hurriedly explained himself to Li, who was still infuriated. But when she heard his reason for coming home late—she realized she did a really big mistake!


Apparently, De was out late—as he was planning a surprise birthday party for her! Yup, she was just totally paranoid and just made the biggest mistake of her life. He wasn’t cheating, but actually making an effort for her.

De even showed Li the restaurant reservation he made online for a fancy birthday dinner before revealing her friends were supposed to come by afterwards to celebrate! Li eventually believed her loving boyfriend, and the two made up.

“…but I don’t think anyone will want to rent that car anytime soon,” De said.

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