This Boy Was On The Brink Of Death When He Was Adopted. Today? He's Unrecognizable!


Facebook can be a cesspool of gossip and other nonsense, but it can also be a place where miracles happen.

In 2015, Priscilla Morse was scrolling through her newsfeed when she saw a photo of an emaciated Bulgarian orphan named Ryan. She immediately decided to save his life.

Priscilla and her husband David were already the parents of four children, but that didn’t stop them from following their hearts and seeking out Ryan. They knew he was meant to be their son, and they his parents.

When Priscilla picked up Ryan in Bulgaria, he weighed just nine pounds. At first, doctors back in America didn’t believe that the tiny child was seven years old.

In addition to being severely malnourished, Ryan was diagnosed dwarfism, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, and clubfoot. His body had also grown dark hair in an effort to keep him warm. Everyone told Priscilla to prepare herself for his early death.

To everyone’s surprise, Ryan didn’t die. Slowly but surely, he started to show signs of progress. He even began to smile!

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