It's One Thing To Be Buried Alive, But To Be Left In A Mortuary Freezer For Days?


It’s the one phone call you hope you never have to answer.

Your son or daughter was involved in a car accident and is in the hospital fighting for their life. After doctors have tried everything they can, your baby is pronounced dead and you are forced to come to terms with the fact that you have to start planning their funeral.

But doctors are humans, too, and can therefore make mistakes as well. It’s a scary realization that every once in awhile, someone is pronounced dead before they’ve given up the fight. This unfortunate medical oversight recently costed one man his life.

Msizi Mkhize was walking home late at night when he was struck by an oncoming car. When paramedics arrived on the scene, the young South African man was pronounced dead.

After the man spent more than two days in a mortuary freezer, his family came to collect his body for the funeral only to make a horrifying discovery — their son still had a pulse.

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Emergency personnel rushed Mkhize to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital where doctors and nurses tried to revive the very man that was previously pronounced dead. Unfortunately, the medical staff was unable to revive him and he died just five hours later.

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