Indonesian Beauty Blogger Dies after Being Electrocuted from a Broken Water Heater


She was found holding the shower handle.

The victim, identified as a Bali Beauty Blogger named Rini Cesillia, was found dead holding the shower handle in her bathroom with burns on her chest—evidence that she was infact electrocuted while taking a shower.

South Denpasar Police chief Adj. Comr. Aris Purwanto said his team, assisted by officers from state utility company PLN, was investigating the problem with the water heater.

PLN found out that the water heater Rini used was broken, specifically problems in the wiring that supplied electricity to the water heater: the electricity current flowed with the water, which is extremely dangerous.

Police Chief Adj. Comr. Aris Purwanto said: “The victim died from a broken water heater.”

How dangerous are water heaters?

Water heaters are found in many homes today, especially in countries where the winter season can reach freezing temperatures. It’s a convenient way to get a hot shower, but it can also be a dangerous electrocution hazard.

Unlike storage-type water heaters, instant water heaters are installed in the shower area itself. The water supply flows directly through the appliance, where it is instantly heated up by electrical heating elements.

Instant water heaters can be a dangerous hazard if not installed or maintained properly. Faulty instant water heaters can cause severe burns if the thermostat fails, as well as pose an electrocution and fire risk.

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