Woman Refuses to Leave Her Paralyzed Fiancée and Vows to Take Care of Him for the Rest of His Life


True love DOES exist.

Couples promise to be with their partners, no matter how hard life is. This is the norm. But it is sad to see couples divorce and separate because the other half becomes incapable of producing for the family. But for this 27-year-old woman from Guangxi, China—whose fiancée has been paralyzed for more than a year now—love and faith are more than enough to keep them together.

Liao Mingpei first met her fiancé, Jiang Pengfei, when she was working in Guangxi’s Baise city back in 2009. They eventually fell in love—but they never knew how difficult the road ahead was.

Deeply inlove with each other, the couple intended to marry. But unfortunately, Jiang’s age for some reason was registered as three years younger than his real age. And this posed a problem because according to China’s Marriage Law, men had to be at least 22-years-old to get married, while women had to be 20. With this at hand, their daughter was born out of wedlock.

But the biggest road block was when a sudden tragedy struck the family. In August last year, Jiang damaged his skull when piece of metal fell onto his head at work. As a result of the accident, Jiang was paralyzed and could no longer work or move on his own.

His medical bills exhausted the family’s savings, putting them 120,000 yuan into debt.

But of course, this did not change Liao’s devotion to her loved one. Instead, she patiently looked after Jiang every single day from then on. Her unyielding devotion for her fiancée has touched the hearts of many netizens, with some even willing to help them financially!


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