A Farewell Tribute to Craig Sager's Outlandish Suits


NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager, who fought cancer twice, died Thursday at the age of 65. Sager finally succumbed to leukemia, but not before his battle inspired an entire league of professional basketball players and coaches—not to mention all the fans who watched him on their TVs—and his loss sent the sports community into tears.

Sager was noted for his preparation and for his fearlessness in asking tough questions—he was one of the most respected TV reporters of any professional sport in this country—but he was also known for the loud sports jackets he wore on every broadcast.

As such, many Twitter users took it upon themselves to honor Sager by posting every garish photo they could find of him stalking the sidelines.

Not everybody, though, was such a big fan of Sager’s outfit selection. Kevin Garnett, for one.And Chris Paul, for two.And with that, here’s one of the most emotional moments of Sager’s career, when he heard this from San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, a man who does not take guff (or silly questions) from anybody in the media.

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