18 Funny, Clever, And Altogether Ridiculous Letters To Santa


Do you remember writing letters to Santa as a kid? I can still recall addressing the envelope to Kris Kringle, North Pole. What the postal carriers did with them is anyone’s guess!

When these 18 kids wrote letters to Santa, their parents knew they had to share them on social media. Some are clever and funny, while others are downright ridiculous. From complimenting Santa’s beard to apologizing for bad behavior, these children aren’t taking any chances when it comes to their Christmas presents!

Off goes another letter to Santa! But what does it say? Let’s take a peek…

1. “I want to give a wish to somebody and I wish the children in the hospital get better soon.” A letter like this will melt a parent’s heart!

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2. Others are a bit creepier.

3. Someone has definitely taught this kid a lesson or two about flattery.

4. Seriously, cheese Pringles? Whatever you want, kid.

5. I’m still not sure exactly what happened at Citibank, but it sounds like it was traumatizing for everyone involved.

Hudson writes:

“I am sorry about what happened at Citibank on Saturday. Please forgive me for it. I was playing with my gloves when I wasn’t supposed to. I was being foolish kid. I am sorry. You have heard from me what I have done.

I was lying on the floor while Mom was doing business and Dad had to come and sit me in front of the gym for a time out. I also bit a balloon at Citibank. I had to sit in front of the gym like a baby because I could not be trusted to behave and not eat balloons or lay on the dirty floor.

Please don’t give me coal in my stocking for Christmas or no presents. I am sorry about all of it…I hope I get six bracelets for Mom and bourbon for Dad.”

6. The Citibank kid’s big sister had an equally hilarious letter. Who wouldn’t want Hermione’s wand and a pet that doesn’t stink?

7. Just in case Santa didn’t understand his written instructions, this kid drew a full diagram.

8. Sigh, kids and their “funny farts.”

9. All seven-year-old Naomi wants for Christmas is a few answers to the important questions.

10. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

11. This sweet little girl wants to make sure that Santa “keeps Jesus safe.”

12. And this fourth-grade Muslim student doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, but he recognizes joy and generosity when he sees it.

13. Don’t worry, kid. Santa understands.

14. “Just a little puppy.” You know, like a German Shepard or a Lab.

15. I don’t know if I’m more disturbed by this child’s rudeness or his request for an AK-47.

16. Dad is going to LOVE those “Peppa Pig” socks! Good thinking, Elijah.

17. A crayon from outer space? That was a choice?! Excuse me while I update my wish list…

18. When in doubt, let Santa choose! He really does know best.

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These kids have definitely met their cuteness quota for the year. Don’t forget to share their hilarious letters to Santa with your friends and family! What’s the craziest thing your kiddos have ever asked for?

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