Amazing Secret Santa Pays Off Walmart Layaway…All $46,000 Of It


The layaway department at Walmart is the last place I’d expect to find a Christmas miracle, but that’s exactly where an anonymous “Santa B” decided to spread cheer last week.

In an Everett, Pennsylvania, Walmart store, managers were shocked to receive a phone call from a man asking to pay off all of the store’s layaway items. The grand total? $46,265.59. Even after hanging up the phone, no one expected that the anonymous Santa would really pay for everything…until a check arrived at their store.

When Santa B heard that there was over $46,000 worth of Christmas presents on layaway, he didn’t bat an eye. With the help of a friendly “elf,” a check was hand-delivered to the store.

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Layaway is used by many families over the holiday season. It gives them a chance to make small payments on gifts, rather than splurging all at once. Unfortunately, however, many are never able to pay their full bill before December 25.

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