The 25 Hilariously Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Never Knew You Needed


It’s the tack-tackiest season of all!

It’s that time of year again when wannabe fashion designers across the globe attempt to create the absolute ugliest Christmas sweater. While I’m not quite sure how this trend got its start, I can’t deny that ugly sweaters and Christmas go well together.

If you’ve been invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, wear one of these 25 masterpieces — you’ll totally steal the show.

1. Because there’s nothing uglier than bringing politics to a harmless Christmas party.

2. Looks like Rudolf ate one too many candy canes.

3. Who doesn’t love a pun-filled Christmas sweater?

4. Nothing says Christmas quite like a shirtless Santa with a machine gun.

5. With this creative sweater, you can tell all your guests to elf themselves.

6. Miley Cyrus has ruined yet another family get-together.

7. This sweater is a knockout.

8. I had no idea that dinosaurs celebrated Christmas!

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9. There are quite a few ugly Hanukkah sweaters, too!

10. Santa’s been working on his gains.

11. Use this Christmas sweater to tell your friends and family how you really feel.

12. In case you need a reminder.

13. Even mean girls love an ugly Christmas sweater.

14. Well, that’s unsettling.

15. When Santa could use an extra hand (or eight) while delivering gifts.

16. Probably not the best choice for your son’s school Christmas party.

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17. When the reindeer go on strike, cats are pretty much your only option.

18. One small step for Santa, one giant leap for Christmastime.

19. Who wouldn’t want a murder scene on their Christmas sweater?

20. They DO exist!

21. Gingerbread men are people too!

22. In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where this sweater spent most of its days

23. Just in case your Christmas party doesn’t already have a fully trimmed tree.

24. It looks like Frosty took an unfortunate tumble.

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25. This is how they celebrate Christmas in warmer climates.

The designers of these sweaters sure know how to do ugly. Share this with your friends and family to give them a bit of inspiration this holiday season.

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