This Saleslady and Her Customers Chip-in to Help this Old Man Purchase a New Smartphone


The old man brought in money he had collected from caroling.

Besides making phone calls, nearly all smartphones today can provide directions through GPS, take pictures, play music and keep track of appointments and contacts. Through the installation of apps, the list of possible smartphone uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer everyday.

With this at hand, more and more people rely on cell phones and smartphones to get in touch with other people, surf the net, check their bank accounts, and even use them to purchase food and items. Smartphones are undeniably useful, and having one surely makes life easier. But for this old man, obtaining a phone isn’t that simple.

He wanted to have a phone of his own so that he could call his children anytime. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money to buy one.

According to Facebook user Apple Jane Cardenas, the old man came to their store in Davao City several times, asking for a specific phone’s price—even though the prices were already indicated. He would learn that his money wasn’t enough and would come back with more.

Apple Jane Cardenas painstakingly counted the coins (from carolling) and it only amounted to P179. He had already saved up P1,040, making his total money amounting to P1,219. The phone the old man wanted was priced at 1,399, and unfortunately, he was still 180 pesos short.

Thankfully, a few customers heard about the old man’s plight, and decided to help him out. Customers gave 100, 20, and 10 pesos. Apple then gave the remaining 50 pesos. With the help of these people, the old man was able to buy a new phone!

He was ecstatic, knowing he can now contact his children!

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