Mom's Warning About Carrying Babies In The Kitchen Is So, So Important


New moms carry their babies everywhere.

Baby carriers keep little ones close to mom’s chest so she can move around the house without having to put her child down. This can be useful when infants are fussy or won’t sleep anywhere else, but it’s also just part of everyday parenting. One mom has a warning, though, for her fellow baby-carrying parents, especially when they’re in the kitchen.

Molly Landis wrote in a Facebook post that she often uses a wrap carrier to transport her baby around the house.

On this particular night, though, her child fell asleep in her swing.

Landis feels incredibly lucky because on this night, her stove burner “exploded, sending a fire ball to [her] face, chest, and neck.”

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Landis suffered severe burns, but she says that she’s incredibly grateful that her baby wasn’t with her. Her daughter’s head usually sits right where the fireball hit.

Since posting about the incident, Landis has heard from so many moms who carry their babies around while cooking. They never thought such a thing could happen to them.

She wants to spread the message that parents should always be cautious when doing activities with their babies. Share her story to reach the parents you know — and maybe save a life.

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