If You Have An Old Radiator At Home, You Need To See What Happened To These Babies


If you have an old radiator in your home, you have to see what just happened to these two baby girls in New York City. The sisters were taking a nap in their public-subsidized apartment when a faulty radiator exploded and doused them with scalding-hot steam. Within minutes, both were dead.

The girls’ heartbroken father, Peter Ambrose, laid them down for a nap around noon on Wednesday, December 7. After one-year-old Scylee and two-year-old Ibanez fell asleep, he went into another room to rest. A little later, the girls’ mother, Danielle, went to check on them. Their room was full of steam and the sisters were badly burned and unresponsive.

The Ambrose family moved to New York City from Maine a little over a year ago, but quickly fell on hard times. After becoming homeless, they had little choice but to move into a public-subsidized apartment in the Bronx.

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Since 1995, their building has received one complaint after another from residents. In 2007, it was named as a “potentially hazardous building” by the Coalition for the Homeless, but nothing was done to rectify the situation.

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