Feel the Force Of This Incredible 'Star Wars' Campaign to #CreateCourage


It’s true Star Wars has always been about cool spaceships, lightsabers, and high-stakes adventure.  

But it’s also about triumph over adversity, both in the galaxy far, far, away—and here on Earth. Ahead of Rogue One, Star Wars is participating in a #CreateCourage campaign as a charitable effort to help the kids at the Philippine General Hospital. 

Just watch this heartwarming commercial for the campaign that features a young stormtrooper who refuses to take off his helmet, and oh no here come the water works. 

Can we all get a group hug now? 

Star Wars fans around the globe are a generous bunch, from the 501st Legion that frequently visits children’s hospitals in costume to Lucasfilm’s Force for Change charity auctions. 

You can support the effort by sharing your own #CreateCourage stormtrooper photo on social media (with a change to win prizes!) or donate to the Philippine General Hospital here. 

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