Here's How Gummy Bears Just Sent 14 High School Students To The Hospital


If there was a Gummy Eaters Anonymous group, I’d be actively seeking weekly treatments for my candy addiction.

My sweet tooth knows no bounds when it comes to the different types of gummy goodness, but if I had to choose a favorite gummy candy, I’d have to go with the obvious choice: gummy bears.

And while eating too many gummy snacks may spoil your appetite or leave you with a bit of a tummy ache, I’ve never experienced anything quite like what these high school students just had to deal with.

Fourteen students from Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois, were hospitalized after eating gummy bears that may have been laced with drugs.

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After eating the gummy candies, students began experiencing dizziness, dry mouth, and rapid heartbeat.

Students at the school told police and school officials that the bears were laced with a liquid form of marijuana, however no official statement has been made.

A 17-year-old has been taken into custody regarding possible involvement in the incident. Police are still looking into how the laced candies were distributed.

Two students are still in stable condition at the local hospital after eating the tainted gummy bears. The other kids have been cleared and released.

This is every candy lover’s nightmare. Watch the video below for more details.


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Thank you, world. You’ve ruined gummy candies for me. Share this if you have anyone with a sweet tooth in your life. Just don’t take candy from strangers…or anyone.


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