A Chinese Couple Dreams of Having Children but are Too Fat to Have Sex—They Do THIS Instead!


Both weighing a combined 400 kilograms, the couple has yet to have sex.

Chinese couple Lin Yue and Deng Yang have been married since 2010, but they never had sex once in their years of marriage. Since both of them had a combined weight of 400 kilograms, it was impossible to have sex.

Lin is 163 cm tall and his waist measures 160 cm around and Deng is a bit shorter at 160 cm tall and her waist measures 170 cm.

But on December of 2015, the couple decided they wanted to have children of their own, and they had to make several sacrifices if they really wanted to have a family.

In hopes to change their lives for the better, they travelled more than 1,700 miles from Sichuan, south-west China, to Jilin, north east China, to have weight loss treatment.

Deng said the dream of becoming a parent alone was enough for them to want to try to lose weight.

According to the couple, they were inspired to take the step together after reading about a woman known as the heaviest person in China, who last month also underwent a gastric bypass to help her fight obesity.

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