You Lose HOW Many Pounds Of Skin Each Year? That, Plus 19 Other Insane Body Facts


Bodies can do some really amazing things.

If you think about it too long, it can seem so crazy that you can stand, walk, think, and get through a day in one of these bags of bones. That’s what makes human biology so incredible. There are reactions going on in our bodies every second, even right now while you’re reading this article. Use those synapses to check out these wild facts.

1. Forget retina scans and fingerprints. Your tongue-print is absolutely unique to you.

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2. If you gathered up all of the hair strands on your head, they could support the weight of 12 tons. That’s roughly two elephants.

3. There are more than seven billion people on Earth, which is roughly the amount of bacteria in your mouth right now. (Don’t worry, most of it is good for you.)

4. The crescent shape at the base of your fingernails means you’re healthy. If you don’t have the moon shape, you may have an overactive thyroid.

5. Signals travel in your brain at speeds of 268 miles per hour.

6. In addition to the blood types we know, there are many sub-types still being discovered.

7. Speaking of blood, it travels more than 12,000 miles just in one day.

8. If you laid out all the nerves in your body, they would stretch for more than 46 miles.

9. Every day, you let out between 17,000 and 23,000 breaths.

10. Our eyes can see more than 10 million colors. It’s our brains that can’t remember them all.

11. Your ears never really stop growing. They increase by a quarter of a millimeter each year!

12. Hearts beat more than 35 million times per year.

13. You lose more than four pounds of skin cells each year.

14. One centimeter of your skin can have more than a hundred nerve sensors.

15. Ladies have more taste buds than the gents do.

16. If you instagrammed every plate of food for your entire life, those delicious meals would weigh more than 35 tons.

17. Five years of your life are spent with your eyes closed from blinking.

18. More than 100,000 chemical reactions are happening in your brain every second. Mind. Blown.

19. Sneezes can travel 99 miles per hour. Cover your nose!

20. Smiling uses 17 muscles in your face, so it’s basically exercise.

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I didn’t know any of these crazy body facts. Science never ceases to amaze me.


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