Triplets with Brain Tumors Get a New Car and Funding for Surgery from Kind-Hearted Couple


The couple saw their story on TV and decided to help them with everything they can.

Triplets Ellie, Gigi and Carmina Cosenos all have debilitating brain tumours, requiring surgeries and treatment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. Unfortunately for the Cosenos family, the triplets’ surgeries cost so much and they knew they needed help. They sold their cars, which the triplets’ father used to go to work.

They sought help through CBS4 News, so that their situation be known to other people who were willing to help.

CBS4’s Donna Rapado said on screen: ‘So this is the one car the family has now, dad using it each for 12 to 14 hours a day at work, leaving mom and the triplets without a viable, affordable way to get from Sunrise to Miami where the girls have frequent doctor’s visits.

‘If you think you can adopt this family, provide them with a car or help them in any other way, call Neighbors 4 Neighbors at this number on your screen.’

Kind-hearted couple Joe and Susan Miranda saw the story, and decided they could help the family.

“My wife and I were both looking at the piece,” Miranda told Rapado on Friday.  “And we both look at each other and we both nodded like, ‘yes, we need to do something here. There was no thinking about it. It was a done deal and so I immediately called and left a message.”

The couple donated an SUV to the family, bought the family a vacation to Legoland, and is helping the girls have a wonderful Christmas.

As if giving the Cosenos an all-expense paid vacation, a merry Christmas and much more going forward wasn’t enough, the vehicle Mr. Miranda gave them also has new tires and new brakes.  He’ll take it in for service before handing over the keys.

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