Two Young Brothers Study While Selling Sampaguita Flowers in a Walkway—Truly Inspiring!


Now that’s perseverance!

Every parent wants the best for their children. They want to give them an education that will take them far up in society. Unfortunately for some families, education is something that is not easy to give. Poverty has been a problem affecting the education of children. Some parents would rather buy food with the little money they get, instead of sending their children to schools they could not afford. Amazingly, these brothers show us that poverty is never a hindrance if we persevere.

Photo Courtesy Anjo Bagaoisan

11-year-old Marlon Mendoza attends school with his 9-year-old brother Melvin at a school in Brgy. San Antonio in Quezon City in the Philippines.

Photo Courtesy Anjo Bagaoisan

Right after class, the two boys meet up with their mother, who brings a lunch-box-sized cooler roughly a hundred mini-garlands (up to P2,000 worth) of sampaguita flowers. They then go in different directions and start selling the flowers, which are commonly worn on Catholic saints or are hung on rear-view mirrors.

Photo Courtesy Anjo Bagaoisan

Their mom, 37-year-old Rochelle, usually sits on a sidewalk in North Avenue, while the boys–still in their blue school uniforms and wearing plastic rosaries on their necks–climb up different walkways. While waiting for hopeful customers, the children then do their homework and study in the dark walkways.


While many children and teens take their education for granted, this child struggles to at least learn a thing or two by himself. May this young boy be an example to children out there—and learn that education is something more valuable than anything in the world.

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