Toddler Dies After Getting Tangled In A Cord — Don't Let This Happen In Your Home


Homes can be full of hidden dangers for children, especially when they’re very young.

That’s why we encourage parents to baby-proof their homes and take other precautions. Little ones are just so fragile that it’s not worth the risk. There are still safety precautions that slip through the cracks, however. One of these hidden hazards is the use of mini blinds, and more specifically, the cords that hang from them.

The family of three year-old Elise Mahe has suffered an incredible tragedy. Elise died after being accidentally strangled by a mini blind cord. She was playing in the other room with a friend when the terrible incident occurred.

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The Mahe family, including their seven other children, are relying on their faith and community to stay strong.

Sunny Mahe wrote on her Facebook page, “Thank you to everyone who has loved us, prayed for us, mourned with us and continues to support us. We love you all and we hope to someday catch up on all of the heartfelt messages that have given us strength.”

Preventing this kind of accident in your own home is one way to honor Elise’s memory. The first thing you should do is make sure cords always go up when the blinds come down.

This is an example of what it can look like if the cord is too long.

Make sure your child’s bed or crib is far away from any windows with blinds.

Here the child will not be able to reach the cords or get tangled in them while in bed.

If you are able, honeycomb shades are a great alternative. They are cordless and carry less risk.

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It’s always best to keep an eye on children because they often find hazards, but with these changes to shade systems, they can stay a lot safer.

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