He Took His Skin Off Just to Prove How Much He Loves Her—But Will She Do The Same for Him?


He took all of his skin off, because it was what she wanted.

Getting into a relationship means many things. It means you will have to sacrifice a part of yourself just to make your partner.

She made him get rid of a part of himself, an essential part, just for her. In the video, his skin represents that ‘essential part’, which he then takes off, revealing his true self. He lost a piece of himself, ultimately making him a different person, a person his partner wants him to be.

All of the people around him could tell how badly it was affecting him, and how their relationship was becoming toxic. With the questions thrown at him by his friends—he realizes what he has become—something his partner didn’t want him to see.

He then wanted her to take off her skin as well (part of herself), so that it would be equal, open and fair; yet she is selfish as she saw what it did to him. This basically goes over the dynamics in relationships, and how it can become skewed. The big question is will she or won’t she return the favor of taking off her skin for him?

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