Mom Goes on a Business Trip—Comes Home Shocked to see What Her Husband Did to Their Daughter!


This is why some moms never leave their children with their dads!

Many moms do not want to leave their children with their husbands saying ‘it is like leaving two children together’. It’s true—you’ll never know what will happen when you’re not around. Dads can be too playful at times, and the important task left to them is often neglected. To troll his wife, this husband does the most adorable thing.

Instagram user Marat Ca from Tumen, Russia has been living with his wife and 7-year-old daughter, while his wife did all the household chores, including taking care of their child. But when his wife needed to go on business trip for 2 weeks, he had no choice but to take care of their daughter.

Photo Instagram Marat Ca

He promised his wife he would keep her updated through his Instagram posts, but she didn’t expect him to post these pictures!

Photo Instagram Marat Ca

Since Marat is a photographer, his pictures came out nicely, but what the dad-and-daughter-tandem were doing things his wife didn’t expect! They are both adorable!

Photo Instagram Marat Ca

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