Furry Cat Gets Frozen into a Small Puddle in Russia before a Couple Came to Her Rescue


Thousands of stray cats and dogs die in the streets after being abandoned. They either die from starvation, or they are run over by passing vehicles. This cat was unfortunate to get stuck in a small puddle in Russia, freezing her paws into the ground!

The poor cat’s paws were frozen stuck into the ground.

The cat had her paws tucked under her big, furry body to keep herself warm in the freezing weather, but was unfortunate to get stuck after the puddle froze. Thankfully, a Russian couple saw her and tried to save her.

The furry feline remained calm as the couple try hard to take her out of the frozen puddle without hurting or injuring her. The couple pour warm water over the cat’s paws to thaw the ice that made her stick to the ground. The couple was careful so as not to hurt the poor cat.

Thankfully, the cat was successfully rescued and is now recuperating.

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