UFO Sightings Take Internet By Storm — Are They Being Covered Up?


Claims of UFOs around the world aren’t exactly new, but seriously strange happenings are surrounding recent sightings in Turkey.

On November 27, people from all over the country began sharing pictures of an unexplained grouping of lights on Twitter with the hashtags #ufoattacttoturkey and #ufoattacktoturkey. It quickly became the top trending topic worldwide, but soon after, many posts, photos, and videos were supposedly removed from the social media site and YouTube. Many believe it’s all part of a possible cover-up.

Hundreds posted about it in Turkey’s biggest city, calling it an “attack,” though nothing else occurred after the sighting.

However, It wasn’t just limited to Istanbul — the pictures came from all over the country.


Some were asking NASA to offer some kind of explanation for the strange lights, but none has been given so far.

In fact, many are complaining that posts about the sightings are being removed or blocked from Twitter in an effort to censor them.

Despite similar reports coming from the U.S. and the U.K., the topic quickly stopped trending.

Videos and photos of the phenomenon began disappearing from YouTube and Twitter.

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YouTuber and UFO hunter secureteam10 is convinced that this is all a massive government cover up, and he’s definitely not alone.


What’s interesting is that these sightings have seemed to pop up worldwide over the years. A similar grouping appeared in 2012 over Guadalajara and nobody has been able to explain it.


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Whatever the truth is concerning these events, one thing’s for sure — there’s definitely something strange going on. What do you think is really happening?

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